Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

Long lost outfits

Since I stopped blogging for a while there are a lot of outfit pictures I took to procrastinate work in my atelier... I will start to post them chronologic, which means it will start with summer outfits! The winter in Berlin is cold and soooo long... I miss summer ;^;
Does anybody live in this world who thinks knees are pretty? 

Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

New collection!

These are the first pictures from my new collection! I worked together with Dj Sisen! He is such a lovely person and it was a lot of fun! That's why I made a little behind the scenes video for you!
and here are the pictures

 All outfits are available online and at my shops ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas! ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬
Or happy whatever you celebrate!
English translation in the video describtion!

Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Summer work

I did a few little styling jobs over the summer but this is by far my favorite! The location is really pretty. It's called "Botanischer Garten" in Berlin. It's a huge garden inside of the city and they have a butterfly house and all that awesome nature stuff you can't find when you live inside of a city. Unfortunately it was around 38°C (100 degrees) but it was still fun! I worked with my good old friend Kai Schierenbeck and all the girls wear dresses I made.

Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

Back in town!

I'm back! 
How have you been? 
A lot of awesome stuff happened in my life and I got some cool jobs and had a lovely birthday party! One of the important things is that I got a weekly youtube show! Every wednesday at eNtRberlin 

I also updated the onlineshops! Here are some pictures of my favorite new items.

 Summer shop windows

and finally an outfit and some nail stuff :D 

Montag, 1. April 2013


I started a new blog with a really good friend. It's more like a project because we blog every day. Small stuff like a foto or a review or a little text. I am sorry to tell you that I will stop posting here for a while. I will come back, I just don't know when. I would be happy if you could follow the other blog. Unfortunately it's in German so most of you won't understand much^^'

Anyway, here it is:

But thank you all so far for following here :D
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