Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

And may the odds be ever in your favor...

Today I finished a comission work for a Hunger Games Cosplay! It is the dress Katniss wears in her last interview after the Game.
4 meter Chiffon just for the skirt! I felt like sewing a wedding dress! It reminds me a bit of the dress Belle wears in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". 

As a reward I bought myself a new lipstick. It is Loreal's Lollipop lipstick number 030. I love the Design! Hot pink, glitter and transparent plastic? AWESOME! Unfortunately it is more like lip balm. Just a little pink gleam and a bit glitter. So this is the most expensive lip balm I ever bought but it was totally worth it ♥
The Lipstick is also transparent *o* and it tastes sweet and fruity

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Que Pasa Mi Nina

Are you open for some artistic stuff? For some Spanish modern dance theater? Great!
At the beginning of august I started working on a project called "Human Loops". Here is the offical description:
"HUMAN LOOPS is a co-operation between dancers and choir singers from Spain and Germany. 
HUMAN LOOPS overcomes the barriers between auditorium and stage, like traveling through a animated museum the spectator is free to discover the various scenes in Berlin’s main town hall “Rotes Rathaus”.  HUMAN LOOPS deals with two formative mechanisms of the human being: duality and cycle. The performative basis of the respective scenes is the LOOP – little plots and emotional conditions are being performed without beginning or end."
My job was to be the costume supervisior! 
You know this is art and in Berlin most artist work for free. Unfortunately. But I really like the choreographer who is also a friend of mine. 
We already worked together!  And it was great everytime! So if she asks for help I am always at her service =) You can take a look at our past work if you want!
Unfortunately there were no money for costumes. So I had to create a look that seperates the dancers from the audience without making costumes. Seriously, that's nearly impossible. 40 people from spain and 40 people from berlin and everyone overstrained with these 3 rules i made up: 

1. No black, no white
2. No shoes, no socks
3. Everything Vintage is welcome

But anyway it was a lot of fun! I learned some funny spanish phrases like "Que Pasa Mi Nina". That means "How u doin baby?" Very usefull in your everyday life!
And I spent my days with my boyfriend (because he did some video stuff) and Mr. Tal De Vil(he was Marcel's henchman for the shooting days) who also took the following pictures to give you some impressions!
she had the only costume in the play. Her role was to be a traffic policeman and "guide" the people around the museum
Marcel, Meritxell and me looking really serious at the scene
We also had funny lunch breakes with fabulous catering from a nice bistro called Cuccuma 
they also had a circus out in the yard but it was closed =(
creepy horse disguised as an elefant...
again creepy horse
Not sure if we are doing couple stuff or if i try to eat him but I really like the photo <3
  Marcel also took a photo of me, it was more for fun but it turned out to be cool so we made a 3minute-mini-shooting with everyone and he did some kind of collage. I think it looks a bit like a Nike commercial xD 
Italo looks like Wolverine xD

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Terry the toaster

I always wanted to do some cool street art stuff but i never learned how to get along with spray paint and all this printing stuff is too complicated for me and sticker is a bit lame if you don't have a super awesome idea... So one day my boyfriend bought a new silver super stylish toaster because his old one was... too old and not working that good anymore. While he replaced the old one I felt so terrible sorry for it that I took it with me and painted a cute face on it. I will also add two fake toast.
It does look cuter in real life!  I want to place it somewhere in Berlin and start a contest!
If you find him, take a picture with you and terry the toaster, post it on the facebook page and you will get 20% off on every item in our shop! =D

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Brace yourselves, Berlin Fashion Week is Coming!

July was super turbulent because of the fashion week! 
Every July a shop called "Friendly Society" is hosting a Fashion walk (because of the Berlin Fashion Week) around the block with all the designers they sell. One of them is me! So i was in charge for prensenting some new stuff and getting cute models and everything finished. It's not like i didn't know the date but it's always stressfull in the end! All these little buttons that still want to get sewn on and all the little threads still hanging out and appearing out of nowhere... But in the end nearly everything was finished on time and all girls were super pretty! 
Here are some fotos from the fashion walk taken by awesome Tal De Vil:
Our Host Mr. Greg-or-Marvel
and my Dad with our chinese lion
creepy pantyshot-guy >-<
After all that hustle we went for some serious pizza!
funny Anna with funny postcard ~
We also had an after show party but... I was so tired... and sat on my bed... I fell asleep... I'm a grandma...

Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Getting started

About me: My name is Melissa. I am 23 years old and I live in Berlin. I spent most of my time in my own little Studio and Shop.

About this Blog: This blog will cover my work and the stuff i do when i have time off like eating, partying and my lovely friends and family! 

My Label: I started "Mademoiselle Opossum" in 2010. It's all about pastel colours, frills, lace and bows. Everything Inspired by the streets of Japan and Berlin.
You can take a look at my website, press the like button on Facebook, go shopping on my onlineshop or follow me on Tumblr!

Ten random facts about me:
01. I love steak
02. I'm a lazy person
03. I have far too much fandoms
04. I have a dog named "Nibbler"
05. I sometimes work as a model and bit player
06. I always wish to spend less time in front of my computer
07. I can't sing but i am very much into karaoke
08. I hate to lose
09. I'm really sarcastic
10. I don't own grown-up bedclothes

My English is not the best... So some posts will be in German but i will always try to write an English summary under the post!