Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Convention preparations

Sorry for the lack of posts but I am very busy working on stuff for an upcoming convention in Berlin! 
It's the first time I ordered two tables! So I have to work hard to get them filled with new stuff. I don't want to bring the same selection every year... I tried to make some cute plushies for this year. That's my first try
Nigiri and Nigiri chan
I also made a lot of Hair ribbons
And I started making a new dress for myself. I can't remember when I made one for myself. I have to sell all the pretty dresses that I sew for my shop rent... and after 8 hours of sewing i can't get myself up again for doing something for myself. So I take 2 days off now and make dresses for me. A Onepiece and a Jumper skirt. One classy(with Alice in wonderland fabric) and one cute(with cupcake fabric). I will post some pictures as soon as they are finished!
Here is my outfit from today


  1. Hey, ich hab deinen Stand auf der Animaco gesehen und mir auch einen Flyer mitgenommen! ^.^
    Leider hatte ich vor Ort nicht so recht Zeit gehabt mir das genauer anzusehen, aber ich wollte dir nur sagen dass du sehr sehr hübsche Sachen hast (besonders die Krägen stachen mir ins Auge!) und du selbst auch einfach superhübsch aussahst ;3

    Fenja / Yuki