Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Halloween retrospection

The last 2 weeks were very tough! This post will be about my halloween party and next time I will tell you about the convention! 
I hosted a halloween party at my shop. You can read all about the history here. The party was awesome! I was so happy that 90% of the people were all dressed up in nice costumes! My mum was on the ground floor and acted as a fortune teller. She called herself "Madame Fortuna". It was so funny... And we danced a lot at my cellar that we decorated the day before with a lot of spiderwebs and other spooky stuff! I also painted some things on a cardboard and cut them out.
 I went as "Lady Spock" and Anna was my "Uhura". I wanted to go as Effie from Hunger Games but Anna and I always wanted to make these costumes and I thought it would be nicer to do something with her! She gave her best to cover my real eyebrows and drew on these cool vulcan eyebrows!
I just have these blurry pictures to show you because we had no real fotografer and even if we had, he would be to drunk after 2 hours

Italo went as Two Face and we made these funny comic pictures
The only bad thing was cleaning on the next day... It took us 7hours to get everything done... This was definitely the last party until our first shop anniversery in may next year!


  1. Cool costumes! I really like the last photo with "pow!" :D So fun.

    Thanks for joining my followers x I hope you stop by again, I'll always try to return the favour asap. x

    Indie by heart

    1. Thank you! Yes everyone put a lot of effort in the costumes :)

      Sure! I will stop by!

  2. Ughh you are the perfect Lady Spock!! So hot :D I love all of the costumes everybody wore too.. what an awesome party! I wish I could have gone too hehe.

    1. Thank you very much =D
      Yes I bet your halloween costume was awesome!