Donnerstag, 15. November 2012


Convention weekend is over and I am really exhausted. Conventions are always stressfull and a lot of work but I met so much lovely people. 
It's such a nice feeling when I see people walking proudly around in the stuff I made. I want to make a customer section at facebook! A goal for next week!
I also made a a few good deals.
I am now the only shop in Berlin who sells these crazy Necomimi Cat Ears. They move using a brainwave sensor that you have on your forehead and your ear. If you are focused they go up and if your are relaxed they go down. I talked to the guys and they told me that they normal business is building EEGs for hospitals. Crazy isn't it?
I will also add some Lolita wigs to my store. I think they will look nice on top of the shelf. I wasn't able to make fotos because I was busy selling stuff and keep an eye on evil thieves! But here are a few of my booth and my outfits.