Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Nice to meet you 2013

Happy new year everyone! 
How was your christmas and your new years eve?

My christmas was really nice! Tons of food, nice time with my family and awesome gifts(my favorite one was the sonic screwdriver from the tenth doctor, my mum is the best!)

New years eve was rather quiet because I caught an infection on the tonsils :/
But we did some lead-pouring:

I made this. I think it looks like a sail boat. We looked it up and a sail boat means "good luck for your job". 
I hope this is true :)

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  1. Lovely photos :)

    Reply to your comment: I've never tried Bento-restaurant.. I'm not sure if there's any here, where I live.. But must search for one when I go to Helsinki, there's so much more variety. :)

    Happy 2013!

    Indie by heart