Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013


I am quite busy at the moment because I am working for Jägermeister. I am doing styling for a promotion band of them. It's a really awesome concept! It's a marching band with dancers and they walk into a club and play fancy songs in a marchingband style and of course make party!
I already did this styling last year and now they need a few new costumes and a refresh. They have a really great new set with Nirvana, Gangnam Style and Skrillex. I am not allowed to post a video from the new set because it's top secret ;D 
But I have a few fotos from the stuff I bought so far. Still got 4 full bags of stuff in my Atelier.
This hat is gorgeous! I bought it second hand and she gave me the hat with all these pins for just 25€
It's a lot of fun but also a lot of work. Yesterday I finished the designs for the dancers. I hope they will like them and I can buy all the stuff this week.


  1. WOW! Das Konzept ist echt genial und schaut nach viel Spaß aus!

    Der Hut ist DER Knaller und zudem ein riesen Schnäppchen!!!

    Die Kirschblütenfee

    1. Ja die machen wirklich Stimmung!
      Fand ich auch! Gerade für so ein Standkind wie mich ist es sehr schwer sowas zu finden... Da hatte ich Glück^^

  2. Ein Standkind.... XD

    Ich glaube ich bin eins, bin quasi auf dem Flohmarkt groß geworden... ;-)

  3. this sounds like so much fun i cannot wait to see the results!! so proud of you babe!

  4. p.s. the other week i had an interview for an internship and in the parking lot was a big jägermeister van and i thought of you. <3