Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Getting started

About me: My name is Melissa. I am 23 years old and I live in Berlin. I spent most of my time in my own little Studio and Shop.

About this Blog: This blog will cover my work and the stuff i do when i have time off like eating, partying and my lovely friends and family! 

My Label: I started "Mademoiselle Opossum" in 2010. It's all about pastel colours, frills, lace and bows. Everything Inspired by the streets of Japan and Berlin.
You can take a look at my website, press the like button on Facebook, go shopping on my onlineshop or follow me on Tumblr!

Ten random facts about me:
01. I love steak
02. I'm a lazy person
03. I have far too much fandoms
04. I have a dog named "Nibbler"
05. I sometimes work as a model and bit player
06. I always wish to spend less time in front of my computer
07. I can't sing but i am very much into karaoke
08. I hate to lose
09. I'm really sarcastic
10. I don't own grown-up bedclothes

My English is not the best... So some posts will be in German but i will always try to write an English summary under the post!

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