Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

And may the odds be ever in your favor...

Today I finished a comission work for a Hunger Games Cosplay! It is the dress Katniss wears in her last interview after the Game.
4 meter Chiffon just for the skirt! I felt like sewing a wedding dress! It reminds me a bit of the dress Belle wears in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". 

As a reward I bought myself a new lipstick. It is Loreal's Lollipop lipstick number 030. I love the Design! Hot pink, glitter and transparent plastic? AWESOME! Unfortunately it is more like lip balm. Just a little pink gleam and a bit glitter. So this is the most expensive lip balm I ever bought but it was totally worth it ♥
The Lipstick is also transparent *o* and it tastes sweet and fruity


  1. Hello girl!!


    im reading the third book right now!!

    And yes! you got so good the dress its equal than Katniss´s dress! *____*
    I love it!!!

    In the other hand, your new lipstick-balm is so cute and kawaii jfdhfjkhdfk!!!
    I want it too!! *___*

    Pink and glitter is the best combination ever!!

    Im following you now cause your blog looks so interesting to me, please comment my blog and follow me too!!

    See you posting around!

    1. Thank you =D Yes the lip balm haha I am still happy everytime i took it out of my purse!
      I follow you now!