Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Brace yourselves, Berlin Fashion Week is Coming!

July was super turbulent because of the fashion week! 
Every July a shop called "Friendly Society" is hosting a Fashion walk (because of the Berlin Fashion Week) around the block with all the designers they sell. One of them is me! So i was in charge for prensenting some new stuff and getting cute models and everything finished. It's not like i didn't know the date but it's always stressfull in the end! All these little buttons that still want to get sewn on and all the little threads still hanging out and appearing out of nowhere... But in the end nearly everything was finished on time and all girls were super pretty! 
Here are some fotos from the fashion walk taken by awesome Tal De Vil:
Our Host Mr. Greg-or-Marvel
and my Dad with our chinese lion
creepy pantyshot-guy >-<
After all that hustle we went for some serious pizza!
funny Anna with funny postcard ~
We also had an after show party but... I was so tired... and sat on my bed... I fell asleep... I'm a grandma...

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