Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Back to the roots

Last sunday I had a shooting with a good old friend of mine. We went to school together and he is the reason why I got involved into this model thing. I had my very first shooting with him because he applied for a photography school and needed pictures. So we went to our school in the evening and did some pseudo gothic pictures. Suprisingly he got accepted and now he is a real photographer. 
Last week he asked me if I would like to model and do styling for his final assignment. The task was to make a print campaign that attracts young people to eat more vegetables and fruits. Here are the results of one funny sunday!
Its says: Fruits, just as exotic as you are

Its says: Fruits, just as colourfull as you are

Its says: Fruits, just as fresh as you are

Its says: Fruits, just as clever as you are
Everyones favorite is the nerdy girl. What is yours?
I still can't believe that we both made it to our dream jobs and that we still work together 8 years later. We had so much fun. This tomato with these eyes made my day. We had to stop shooting for five minutes because of this tomato... 
Here are some "behind the scenes fotos" for you :)

 I felt like 16 again. Fully dressed in my old gothic clothes...


  1. Wie toll, ich finde alle total super (^.^) die Idee ist echt grossartig!

    1. Vielen Dank =)
      Sag mal, was ist dieses Lolita Carnival?

    2. das ist eine gruppe auf facebook, jede woche gibt es ein thema und am freitag bloggen alle, die wollen, zu dem thema und verlinken sich gegenseitig ^^ ist ganz lustig und auch super, um neue blogs zu finden =)

    3. Das is ja super! Ich melde mich da auch an =D

  2. so fabulous photos!!!I especially like the goth and ner ones <3

    1. Thank you! Yes these are also my favorites^^