Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

My first Tutorial

I am proud to present my first tutorial! 
It's about how to print your own tights! I am totally hooked on all these lovely printed tights out there and I wanted to make my own. 

If you got inspired please send me a picture of your work. I would love to see what you creative people created!
And if you have a any questions just write me!


  1. Thankies for inspiration!!!I have never thought about to paint my tights ^^

    1. Thank you! If you do some, send me a picture =D

  2. really cool, i love DIY stuffs, i just subscribed to ur YT and watched the vid ;)
    thanks for dropping by my blog btw xoxo


    1. Cool!
      Thank you! We are shooting the next one on thursday! =)