Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

How to personalize a notebook // DIY // eNtR berlin

My second tutorial! Wohoo! 
It's about how to do embroidery on a notebook and give it a personal touch. It is a lovely christmas present for someone special! So this is also a little christmas tutorial!

I am wearing the awesome Necomimis! Tutorials are much more fun with moving cat ears^^ 
I think I slowly get a hang on this. I would like to be a bit more funny but it's kind of difficult to explain and be funny at the same time. Perhaps that's the reason school was so boring...


  1. Hello!
    I saw your cute items on Storenvy while taking a look and get acquainted with the site.I'm trying this for sure! Then if you want I can send you some pics of the final result :)

    I would appreciate if we keep in touch
    My personal blog: http://mannequinskill.blogspot.pt/
    And my store http://weareglittering.storenvy.com/

    Merry Christmas! <3

  2. Hey!

    Oh thank you! Yes I would like to see your result :D

    It's such a pity that your blog is not in English. Because I only speak German and English :/
    But I follow you now on Storenvy! I just started Storenvy and there isn't much online, I think it is a bit more complicated then Etsy...

    I also wish you a merry christmas :3