Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

Cat heads

It got so cold here in germany! This is my first winter with my shop and my online shops and it's funny how people start to order hats and scarfs as soon as the temperature falls under 0°C (32 degree). All I do at the moment is going to work, sew fluffy bear hats and cat scarfs, going to the post and then head home. Being a fashion designer is not only drawing nice fashion sketches and go to stupid partys. It's also a lot of work that isn't so much fun...
As a compensation to my atelier work I started something new at home. 
I never posted something about this before but I really love embroidery. I did my first piece in preschool and never really stoped. Normally I am into cross stitch but I wanted to create something that is cute and worth selling at my shop. I am quite satisfied with my first try!

Also started this notebook embroidery for the next tutorial! We are shooting on thursday. I am already excited!


  1. Oh that cat is so cute! ^^
    And that notebook looks really lovely aswell. Nice job.

    (Following you now via Bloglovin, since I cleared out my GFC list :D)

    Indie by heart

    1. Thank you =D
      I will post the tutorial for the notebook here. If you are in the mood you can make your own^^